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New Soccer

New Soccer For Fun and Skills

Soccer (football in the rest of the world) is the organized sport most likely played by the most players in the world, and estimated 275 million. This video is intended for young or new players. Instructions are given at the beginning of each game and the game is briefly demonstrated. The games that are presented in this video break down the actions in the game to its various elements and kicking, shooting, heading, defending, going against one or many opponents. These games are played for fun but in the process of playing them, players learn the skills they need to play the game. Presented...

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New Games For Social Distancing

No-touch New Games! Here is a product that will help you increase participation in your physical fitness programs while also meeting social distancing guidelines! Or, just use them with family and friends and avoid the lock down blues. People are quite hungry for a chance to take a break from all the dire news. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air. It’s a chance to let all those worries go, to relax, get recharged. Play is needed now more than ever. While most New Games involve touching, there are a number that involve no touching and lend themselves to social distancing. It’s not...

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Cooperative New Games Leadership (DVD or Download)

For the first time, Dale N. Le Fevre presents a visual leadership guide to accompany the New Games he offers. While he has always offered written guides of the qualities needed to lead the games in his DVDs and books, this time these are not only discussed but demonstrated graphically to maximize the most effective way to lead. Naturally, many of these leadership techniques can be applied to other situations.

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Complete Cooperative New Games (DVDs or Downloads)

A two-disk DVD presenting the complete cooperative games of Dale Le Fevre. Included is the New Soccer video and an interview of Dale done by Parent TV, both on DVD for the first time. There are enough games here (123!) to keep your program going the whole year.

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The New Parachute Games (DVD or Download)

The New Parachute Games DVD presents 20 games that are fun and include everyone. Besides that, there are all sorts of skills that are learned or practiced by doing the games: social, developmental, and learning.

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Best of Cooperative Games (DVD or Download)

Best Cooperative Games DVD

New Games and cooperative play activities for all ages, sizes, abilities, and both genders. The Best of Cooperative Games DVD features inventive activities that focus on fun group games for specific learning skills like Math and English, and developmental skills like throwing, catching, and running.

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Best of New Games (DVD or Download)

The Best of New Games DVD is an extensive presentation of New Games, with almost 2 hours of video. Dale N. Le Fevre, one of the founders of New Games, explains, demonstrates, and plays the games with groups. There is enough material here for you to successfully start an ongoing New Games program.

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