New Soccer

New Soccer For Fun and Skills

Soccer (football in the rest of the world) is the organized sport most likely played by the most players in the world, and estimated 275 million. This video is intended for young or new players.

Instructions are given at the beginning of each game and the game is briefly demonstrated. The games that are presented in this video break down the actions in the game to its various elements and kicking, shooting, heading, defending, going against one or many opponents. These games are played for fun but in the process of playing them, players learn the skills they need to play the game.

Presented are 15 games by students of coach Darwin Dallas. They range in age from 8 to 18. Players in general should be grouped together by similar ability though in some games we have players of varying ages and ability.

At the very start, Basic Instructions are given on dribbling, kicking and heading the ball. Also, examples are give of the types of fouls: tripping, kicking a player, a violent charge (and a fair charge), holding, pushing, hand ball, obstruction and dangerous play.

The format for each game includes not only the name of the game, but also how many Players are needed, the amount of Space necessary to play, When to play the game (beginning, middle, end of session), the Purpose of doing the game, the Skills involved, and the Equipment needed.

Social skills involved in most of the games are cooperation, listening, self control, and following directions.

Developmental skills involved are skillfulness, balance, strength.

An interesting aside – the term “soccer” actually originated in England from the term Association Football but went into disuse, especially when it was used and thought to have originated in the United States. (I found it on the internet so it must be true. 🙂

New Soccer For Fun and Skills

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