New Games for Religious Groups

New Games make church games a winner by including everyone, and they’re fun. But they go beyond that. They unite groups of both genders, all ages, all sizes, and all ability levels. And are great for teaching parables too.

Religious Teaching Through Games

One way of telling parables from religious texts is in the form of a game. While kids can study written or spoken stories, if they are like me, they won’t forget those stories when presented as a Sunday school game. Each child’s self interest is highly involved then, making the ideas offered in a way that is engaging. It’s not too difficult to find a game to adapt to fit the story. And it’s fun for the person telling the story as well.

Further, most religions are based on love, and I believe love is expressed by including those who are normally left out of activities, including even those who are normally ostracized.

On Sunday 12th June 2011 we held a Birthday Party and Celebration for the Church at Highfield Trinity in inner-city, culturally-diverse Sharrow. We had hoped this would include a picnic but the weather had other ideas! We finished up in a rather full church hall and had time on our hands – 20 or so bored children and young people could be a recipe for disaster!

Fortunately Dale was on hand with some of his New Games so out came the parachute and a group of people of all ages enjoyed themselves for an hour and experienced the fun of co-operation and mutual support.

As a church we are keen on ideas of mutual encouragement and cooperation and wonder if our culture can be just a bit too cut-throat. We had come together in a spirit of unity with people from many cultures who would share in celebration using their own styles and languages. New Games set the scene in a perfect way. Thanks!

Rev Phillip Borkett Minister Highfield Trinity Church, London Road Sheffield, England

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