Parachutes for Games and Activities

Play Parachute
In my estimation, having presented games for over 40 years, the parachute is the best piece of recreation equipment that exists. Besides encouraging teamwork, parachute activities build upper body strength, gross motor skills, and develop balance, coordination, and flexibility. Cooperation is a key learning skill with parachutes, but most of all children (and adults too) find parachutes fun, exciting, and highly engaging.

Parachute Fun

Colorful, Exciting High-Quality Play Parachutes

These ‘playchutes’ are made of colorful nylon panels, which alternate red, green, blue, and yellow. They are constructed with sturdy double stitching and have a mesh center. Handles and a storage bag are also included.

Play Parachute

12-Foot Parachute

Ideal for those working with small groups in a therapeutic setting, e.g. with the elderly, in physiotherapy work, or special needs groups.

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Play Parachute

24-Foot Parachute

Ideal for most groups and New Games leaders.

Play Parachute

30-Foot Parachute

Recommended for large groups and festivals.