Christmas Youth Group Games

New Games are one answer

Cooperative New Games are perfect for Christmas youth group games. Size or athleticism do not matter in New Games: all that’s needed is a desire to play. Therefore, not only can all ages and ability levels play the games, which will mean you don’t have to separate into various groups to participate in the games, but games can be adapted to Christmas themes and stories.

Christmas stories adapted to New Games

For instance, you can take the story of the 3 wise men and use the game of Sun Monarch with a little tweaking.  In this game, one person starts off in front of the group by saying a noun. Two other people come on either side of him/her and say a word that compliments that word or is completely the opposite meaning.

The starting person in this Christmas version could use the word “myrrh” to begin. Two people could then come up, stand on one side or the other of the original person and offer something like “frankincense,” “gold,” or maybe “manger,”  “Mary,” or “baby.” The original person who is in the middle will choose one of these and move off to the opposite side of  where the group is standing. The person who was not chosen repeats the word they gave originally. Then two people from the original group think of a word that relates to that word and repeat the process.

To make it challenging, you can have the group try to keep to terms that relate to the story. It might help to write up a list of words to refer to which can help get people going. Of course they can come up with words not on the list.

Many possibilities with New Games

This is merely one example of how a New Game can be adapted to be a Christmas youth group game. There are many other possibilities which take just a bit of imagination. Adapting a story can be a fun group activity in itself! Of course, just doing the games as they are promotes a feeling of closeness that enhances the holiday spirit, which may be more than enough.

Try it for yourself!

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