Best New Games

Best New Games
Best New Games is the most complete written resource on Cooperative New Games. The author, Dale Le Fevre, has picked games that have been the most popular and presents them to you. Included are guides to lead and adapt the games, and useful information about when to play, space needed, and skills needed and developed as well as other helpful tips.

Comprehensive New Games Resource

In Best New Games, Dale presents the most popular New Games from more than 35 years of presenting, including many recently found games. The book features 180 photos, 77 games, and 7 trust activities. An easy-to-use Gamefinder helps you quickly find the ideal game for your particular situation by listing games according to space and equipment requirements, appropriate times to play the game, activity levels, skills developed, number of players, and social purpose.

Uses and Benefits

The author also provides tips to give you confidence and increase your effectiveness in leading the games, including instructions on adapting and creating games. In Best New Games you’ll find games to address a variety of social objectives:

  • Ice-breaker games
  • Helping people get acquainted
  • Fostering sensitivity and trust
  • Team building games

Use Best New Games to create an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to have fun together while being physically and mentally active.

  • Publisher: Human Kinetics
  • Pages: 232
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Reviews and Testimonials for Best New Games

“BEST NEW GAMES” by Dale N. Le Fevre is a terrific book! The pictures in the book show all ages playing this game. Le Fevre truly believes in the magic created when people of all ages get together to play. The game is never as important as the joy participants gather from playing together. In these games no one is excluded to make the game better. In fact, it seems, the more the merrier.
Nhahperd News

Very creative and practical for a wide range of ages. …I think it will come in useful for parties and group children’s activities.

Niki (Goodreads on Google)

Niki Google Goodreads
Best New Games has a number of significant strengths. Having taught adventure-type games for some time, I value this book for the new and interesting games… For novice physical educators, this book would be a useful acquisition.
Nate McCaughtry Mahperd Journal, Wayne State University