New Games Workshops

desie and mie 300x300 New Games WorkshopsDuring the New Games Leadership Workshops Dale teaches attendees the games and how to lead them with their group. Leading New Games is different than traditional sport. The workshop is very hands on, as participants practice leading the games with feedback from Dale. Then finish by leading an open session where family, friends, and the community are invited to give workshop participants a real-life experience of games leading.

At a workshop you will learn how to:

  • Lead many New Games for groups
  • Facilitate a new style of play that encourages freedom and creativity
  • Integrate cooperative games with competition
  • Use many New Games in your program
  • Increase participation in your program of cooperative games by including people usually left out of more traditional sport programs
  • Involve the community in your program
  • Plan and organize successful, well attended events
  • Adapt any cooperative games so that everyone can play

You will also experience these new ideas:

  • Creating the play community
  • The playful games leader
  • Creative play
  • Changing rules to meet players’ needs
  • Soft War
  • Energy Flow
  • Trust games
I arrived feeling resentful that I had to get up so early and give up a weekend I badly needed for myself. After one game I knew I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.
Betty Armstrong Albany School District, California

Who Should Attend?IMG 3232 300x213 New Games Workshops

  • Recreation Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Physical Education Instructors
  • Community Organizers
  • Personnel Directors
  • Social Workers
  • School Activities Coordinators
  • Health Professionals, including physical therapists and mental health workers
  • Parents
  • Religious Activities Directors
  • Camp Directors
  • Anyone who leads or is part of a group

In New Games, the goal is for everyone to have fun playing together. The people playing are the most important part of any game. Games are changed to meet players’ needs. As a result, the New Games concept can be used in any area of human relations to create a bond of trust, communication, and community.

When I drove my car back home Sunday evening I suddenly knew it: During the workshop I had the opportunity to play myself and you know what I found out? I liked myself! And this hasn’t happened for a long time! What I liked most about you? Your patience with us, your flexibility and your hesitation sometimes. You are not perfect, too! And you are not afraid to show this.”
Gerian Dijkhuizen, Psychiatric worker Zonne and Schild in Amersfoort, Holland

Some of Our Upcoming Events

New Games in Montenegro
For the first time ever, I will be leading New Games IN Montenegro (not just on Skype). It is my 34th country. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but as far as I can tell, it will be with hotel guests of my host. More later.
Mon June 26 - Sun July 9
New Games at Folk Forest
The parachute will appear but we will also doing some games that do not require equipment. Families welcome! Times both days are for around 40 minutes at 14.00 and 15.00. Free!
Sat July 22 14:00 - Sun July 23 14:00

A comprehensive list of upcoming and past events is also available here.


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