The Spirit of Play: Cooperative Games for All Ages, Sizes, and Abilities

The Spirit of Play: Cooperative Games For All Ages
The revised version of Dale Le Fevre’s original New Games book. Besides having 40 of his favorite cooperative games and pictures from around the world, it’s the only book that has his personal story of how he got into doing New Games for a living and as a spiritual search.

New Games and Cooperative Play: Light-Hearted Fun

When did you last enjoy spontaneous, light-hearted laughter and the wonderful feeling of being in the moment? Playing – just for fun – is one of the easiest and most joyful, life-affirming activities that can bring you into contact with your own spirit. No fancy equipment is needed, just find a few people to join you in games that anyone can play, regardless of age, ability, size, or gender.

Getting people to have fun just because it feels good is the mission of this guide that connects cooperative play and spirituality. More than 40 new activities suitable for all ages and abilities are offered, including seated games such as “A-Rum-Sum-Sum,” “Doctor Memory,” and “Zoom,” as well as active games such as “Trust Leap” and “Wizard.”

Innovative Ideas for Cooperative Play

The Spirit of Play is a great tool for use in:

  • Schools
  • Business seminars
  • Parties
  • Family gatherings

The activities are also a form of affirmation and starting your own process of self-discovery – the deeper significance of play is discussed throughout the book.

You will find:

  • Gentle and active games
  • Games for indoors and outdoors
  • Games for a few and for many players
  • Great ice-breaker games for new groups
  • Games to improve communication
  • Team-building games

Clear Guidance for All Groups and Leaders

Next to the game descriptions, the book gives insights on teaching people how to play and lead the games. Many suggestions are given for adapting games for a variety of situations and participants so that everyone can participate, including people in wheelchairs and the elderly, and leadership tips provide support for organizers and instruction-givers.

A Playful Man

Last, but first in the book, is Dale’s own tale of how he became a New Games player and leader. It’s hard to believe, but true!

The Spirit of Play: Cooperative Games For All Ages
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The Spirit of Play: Cooperative Games For All Ages
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  • Publisher: Findhorn Press
  • Pages: 176
Price: $15.95

Have you ever watched a bunch of kids having a blast just being alive and wondered when you forgot how to play? Have you lost the wonder you used to have when learning new things? Are your days missing the “Isn’t life grand?” factor? If so, this is the book for you!! This guy not only gives us all permission to have fun, he even tells us why it’s good for us!! If he can teach the gear-heads at IBM how to embrace their inner child, he can certainly teach the rest of us. Highly recommended!!
Joan Schaublin, Indiana