Montenegro and New Games research

Hi New Games fans,

The latest news is that I lead New Games in Montenegro. Sort of. The session was via Skype, but hey, a first is a first. There is a good possibility that I will be able to do so in the flesh at the end of June. This would make my 34th country that I’ve presented New Games in. Stay tuned.

Also, lately I’ve been making some progress finding researchers to take my initial research further and deeper. I feel it will help to show how New Games affects many different areas of student development, including academic, social, physical development, and much more. I have seen it even in the short 6 month pilot project I did with 60 students (half a control group) and I think a longer project with more students would show a more pronounced beneficial effect. It seems that an intuitive knowledge of how the games positively affect students is not enough to get New Games integrated into the school curriculum so I am embarking on showing quantifiable and qualifiable results.

At the moment the goal is to have 3-5 years with several hundred students, at a minimum.




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