Earthball Inflator and Deflator

Earth Ball Inflator
An electric inflator speeds up inflation time over hand operated pumps. A necessary tool for inflating Earthballs and other large inflatable sports equipment. It also makes deflating your Earthball much easier.
Earth Ball Inflator

Earthball Inflator/Deflator

Perfect for occasional use, much faster and easier than hand pumping. Currently only available in the US.

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Price: $79.99
(plus $10.00 S&H)
Deluxe Earthball Inflator

Deluxe Earthball Inflator/Deflator

This powerful unit inflates and deflates twice as fast as the standard model. 1.17 Peak HP power unit. 6′ flexible hose, power control, 2 adapters (7/8 OD and 3/16 OD). Currently only available in the US.

Price: $235.99
(plus $40.00 S&H)