New Games in Sheffield, 30 January

New Games in Sheffield, 30 January

There’s a New Games Play Evening on Tuesday, 30 January at 7.30 – 9.30 pm. Just in case you forgot (!), New Games are cooperative (physical) group games which sometimes include competition. The main difference is that everyone wins!

Here’s an evening where people of all ages can join in play regardless of their size, age, cultural background or athletic ability. No one is left out, humiliated or eliminated. We just change roles and keep playing!

The games will be lead by Dale Le Fevre who knows how to get people involved in the games.

Everyone who wants to can join, but no-one is forced to. We change the game to suit the players, not the players to suit the game.

About 15 games will be presented, appropriate and adaptable to all who attend.

Trust game

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