Earth Ball, used, for sale

Earth Ball, used, for sale

To bid:

Honestly, I tried finding it by putting in “Earth Ball” and then “Search” but it didn’t come up. Use the above address and you should find it (I did). Otherwise, log in to, type in Earth Ball in the search bar, select the category “Sporting Goods” and then “Auction” and that also should get you there.

This description is also there:

Earth Ball, 6

Already painted (though of course you can add your own painting with acryllic paints as desired). The picture here is my personal ball in the UK. The first picture (as seen on ebay) Earthballis also the actual ball for sale (on the float), other pics show what kind of paint jobs can be done. The guy in the red shirt in the last photo is me rolling the ball over some kids (they LOVED it).  The ball has only been used 5 times and is in excellent condition.

It has a canvas outer skin with a heavy gauge vinyl inner bladder with an easily sealable air filling spot. The ball is rugged and can take a lot of wear and tear. While the ball CAN be punctured, it takes a very sharp object and a lot of force. Also, it can be repaired if this were to happen.  Reason for selling: have moved to the UK where I have a ball and don’t need this one any more.  

Other picture on my web site, [Just so you know: Purchase price for a NEW ball is $1749.00 + $70 S&H (in the USA)]. I have given us 5 business days to send this item out, but it will likely be quicker than this.

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